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Fielding Bradford Meek

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Fielding Bradford Meek was a geologist who got his start as a skilled fossil artist because he was a spectacular portrait painter.   His work received a lot of attention from other scientists.  Meek eventually moved into the Smithsonian to live and carried out his work within the walls of the North Tower.  As a result of his popularity he had a few organisms named after him.     




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Helpful Web sites:


Arctic Ice Sheet Depletion Video. This video is an animation of how far the glaciers reached into the continents 20,000 years ago.  It then shows an animation of how far the glaciers reach as of 1980.  This would be good to use in a unit about global warming. 


Posted by Jennifer Borgman, jlowe@twu.edu


Arctic: A Friend Acting Strangely.  This site is made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and is hosted by the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.  The first link is the the page for educators.  It has 7 activities that relate to the arctic.  There is link to a chart on the page that shows how the activities meet the National Science Education Standards.


Posted by Jennifer Borgman, jlowe@twu.edu


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