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Access to Inquiry-Based STEM* Video Instruction (AIBSVI)

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Project Goals


  • In order to assure STEM content among students who are D/HH, teachers of such students will develop a variety of instructional science investigation videos accessible to those students.  


  • After the videos are available on the wiki, teachers of students who are D/HH will be able to incorporate accessible, inquiry-based videos into classroom lesson plans and learning experiences. 


  • As a result of the videos being incorporated into learning experiences, students who are D/HH will have access to videos detailing numerous scientific investigations and will be able to reproduce such science investigations leading to a deeper understanding of STEM content.   


Project Opportunities


 Tutorial resources are available on the wiki to aid teachers in the process of video creation.  If you are interested in creating a video for this project please email the Video Application to  Jennifer Borgman, borgman.jennifer@gmail.com.


The requirements for the video are as follows:


  1. The video will demonstrate an investigative science experiment and must correlate with a National Science Foundation or state science standard.  You may see examples on this page: http://deafscientistcorner.pbworks.org/Sir+John+Warcup+Cornforth.
  2. The video will include instructions for the experiment and the materials needed.  The materials list will be accompanied by pictures of the materials. 
  3. The video will be captioned on a reading level no higher than fourth grade according to the Flesch-Kincaid Readability statistics found in Microsoft Word.
  4. The video file will be in .wmv, .mov, or .avi format.
  5. The signs used in the videos will be American Sign Language or an English sign system. 
  6. The experiment may not include any materials or processes that could be harmful to a student, such as fire or dangerous chemicals.
  7. The district’s consent form must be signed by the parent or guardian of each child in the video. 
  8. The video may not exceed 8 minutes. 

*STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

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